With our insider experience in financial and marketing sector, we noticed there is a room to further optimise the current distribution network solutions that are in place. As a result we came up with modular platform solution that fulfils different business area needs. Our platform provides the best locations to deliver your product or service to end customers, in the specific area or place of interest.


These are the business sectors where our solution can make a huge difference.


Our solution is helping Financial Institutions to optimize the existing network of ATMs and branches, or it can be used as a location planner for the deployment of new ATM units


Helping companies to select the perfect place for their physical marketing content (bilboards or any other promo/marketing material) or to identify the best promotional spots


Getting data backed insights about location potential which is crucial to understand how to get the maximum of your retail planning

About us

What hotspoter can do for your business?

Hotspoter is a Location Intelligence platform which provides the spots with highest visitation impact (aka hotspots) in any place of interest. Our platform is able to distinguish what are the most frequently visited places and which ones are responding to your business needs. Being a modular platform, hotspoter has different modules for Financial sector, Marketing, Retail and one general module. This modular approach enables the best possible results for every business sector as it takes into consideration only domain specific data and combines it with related data from public and social networks. Want to know more?! Let us know and we can schedulle an online presentation.


Meet the core hotspoter team

Igor Anicic

Chief Executive Officer
B.Eng. Information Engineering
With his SW development and SW presales consultant experience for the leading market enterprise, Igor was able to uderstand what are the gaps and needs of the financial market.

Nenad Rakic

Chief Technical Officer
M.Sc. Software Engineering
Nenad is a key player in our team. Being a Software developer for more than 5 years and working for top startup companies, he is always up to date with latest technologies and best practices.


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