Successfully completed initial phase

The end of the year is close and everybody is giving their best to complete all the work and enjoy holidays in peace. Our team is proud to say that we managed to complete our first step with success and on time. 

Milestones for this “Initial phase” as we call it, are all done:

– We launched website and got really good impressions and feedback
– Our team got a new member, Aleksandar Levai. His main responsibility is to create great designs and bring all his creativity in the game
– Demo system is up and running, and it already looks amazing and works like a charm  – and we’re still warming up 🙂  
– Our presence on Social Networks increased and our contact list is extended

We are now wrapping up all the work we did and preparing our idea for Angels and Investors. Once the founding round is secured, we will be ready to move to the next phase and rock this boat! 🙂

Thanks for being with us

Hotspoter team

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